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If your company uses processes involving the precise application of heat or air STANMECH Technologies Inc. can help. We specialize in innovative, customer–focused solutions that increase profits, advance processes, improve efficiency, save energy, reduce reject rates, and give our customers spectacular results.

Our products include:

Our services include:
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Product Lines

We represent companies from around the world. Our product ranges include JetAir's direct drive high speed centrifugal blowers & air knives, Leister's plastic welding & hot air equipment & Secomak's blowers.

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Leister Process Technologies

We are the master distributor for Leister logo.PNG in Canada.  Leister Technologies AG's range of tools includes hot air hand tools, extrusion welders, automatic welders, wedge welders, industrial air heaters & blowers, laser welding machines and weld testing equipment.

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