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Leister roofing tools have been the industry standard for roofing specialists since 1949. With over 60 years experience, Leister builds robust tools that produce high-quality, consistent welds in even the harshest Canadian weather. STANMECH has tools electrically certified for use in Canada before sale – be sure to look for proof of certification when purchasing equipment, the Electrical Safety Authority has the ability to impose fines or seize equipment not certified for use in Canada.

Thermoplastic membranes
The VARIMAT V2 is the fastest automatic roofing machine available for PVC-P, TPO, ECB, EPED, and CSPE; it is perfectly suited for medium and large roofs and gets the job done quickly. The UNIROOF E 40MM, also for thermoplastic roofing materials, is small and compact making it well suited to smaller roofs and harder to reach areas such as close to parapets or edges.

Modified bitumen membranes
The BITUMAT B2 is a revolutionary hot air welding machine for modified bitumen roofing membrane. This machine eliminates the hazard of open flames on the roof and provides a stronger weld.

Hand tools
Leister’s hand tools, including the TRIAC S, are an essential part of any roofer’s kit. Perfect for touch-ups, corners, and tight spaces these hard working tools can have an exceptional lifespan if taken care of and maintained properly.

Pricing & availability
STANMECH has developed a network of authorized sales centres across Canada to better serve our customers; we do not sell directly to the public in the roofing industry. We recommend you contact your local materials supplier and ask about Leister tools. Alternatively, click here for a listing of Leister resellers.

If you have any technical questions about the Leister line of tools or need help deciding which tool is best for your business, contact your technical sales representative.


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