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Air knife stripping water from bottles

Blow-off Solutions
We build blow-off solutions that work! Whether you need to dry, clean, or cool, we'll engineer a system for you that does the job quickly and efficiently.

Looking to replace an existing compressed air based blow-off system? You'll be surprised at the energy savings a blower-based system can provide.
Defla5shing plastic parts

Deflashing Solutions
A hot air deflashing solution can eliminate manual flash removal altogether. Free up employees for other duties and improve the look of your final product.

Interested in automation? We can recommend a partner company to develop a fully- or semi-automatic robotics component.
Shrinking tamper band on jars

Shrinking Solutions
We're on a mission to eliminate wrinkles and uneven shrinking from your shrink labels and tamper bands.

Tests using your product form the foundation for our designs. Custom manufacturing means our systems shrink your labels better than you thought possible!
Hot steel can damage refractory

Pre-heating Solutions
Pre-heating with hot air is an efficient way to prevent damage to moulds and refractory from thermal shock.

Heat can also be used to ease rolling and stamping of metal stock; and to keep the temperature of liquid metal constant after degassing.
Precisely controlled heat is needed to temper chocolates

Tempering Solutions
Precise temperature control is imperative when tempering chocolate or roasting cacao beans.

Our combination air heater/blower tools with integrated closed-loop control are perfect for situations that require tight temperature control.
Precise application of heat to rivet prior to cold forming.

Heat Staking Solutions
Heat staking is quick, economical, and provides consistent results.

Our spot heaters work with compressed air and are easy to integrate into machinery.
LHS 41 drying glue on a laminate production line

Adhesive Solutions
Adhesives are integral to the quality and longevity of your product. Activating and curing adhesives properly with requires control over temperature and exposure.

Our air heaters allow you to dial in the temperature needed and are easy to integrate into existing lines. Infrared heaters are candidates for applications with flat areas being cured.
Tablet coating drum with Leister heater

Coating Solutions
Precisely controlled temperatures are necessary to produce perfectly coated tablets and candies.

We provide the heat you need with controls tailored to your requirements.
Air knife stripping water from bottles

Drying Solutions
Control is the name of the game when it comes to drying fruits, paints, bottles, and containers whether with heat or with high-pressure air.

Our air heaters have infinitely variable temperature controls and can be set up with a timer to automate your drying process. Variable frequency drives allow you to dial-in the precise amount of air needed to optimize your line.

Air knife strips forming oil from intricate parts.

Cleaning Solutions
Contaminants such as oil or debris can cause serious quality issues if not removed. Cleaning by hand is expensive and time consuming; compressed air solutions use large amounts of energy.

A blower-based solution engineered for your unique product provides uniform results at a fraction of the cost.
Plastic film is cooled before rolling.

Cooling Solutions
Cooling parts with fast moving ambient air is a simple and affordable alternative to expensive cooling systems.

Let us recommend a system that will cool effectively without breaking the budget.
Hand tool being used to expand metal part on car

Heating Solutions
Heat is an integral part of many manufacturing processes. Gentle or intense, tight spaces or wide areas, air or infrared our heaters fit the bill.

Custom nozzles get heat to the right places. Use them to expand metals, melt plastics, soften materials, or glaze confectionery.

Oven Solutions
Electric air heaters are a safe, efficient way to heat an oven and maintain constant temperatures.

Our application engineering department can help ensure uniform temperature across the oven.
Tablet coating drum with Leister heater

Testing Solutions
Expose your product to gruelling heat to ensure it can stand up to your customers' needs.

Hot air employed in the testing of fuel pellets.

Welding Solutions
Welding plastic parts ensures a permanent bond that won't separate or fail.

Repair totes, bins, or other plastic items to lengthen their usable lifespan.

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