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Hot Air Hand Tools

TRIAC S Hot Air Tool
The most popular of the Leister hand tools, the Triac “S” is used worldwide by a wide variety of professionals for almost any application imaginable.
HOT JET S Hand Tool
The HOT JET S is a great finishing tool for plastic welding applications and the tool of choice for precision electronic work such as soldering and de-soldering.
The ELECTRON ST is a real powerhouse among Leister's hand tools; it provides high heating efficiency and large air volume in a compact size.
GHIBLI Hand Tool
The Ghibli, named for a unique desert wind of north Africa, has a well-designed handle which makes it easy to hold.
FORTE S3 Hand Tool
Powerful hand tool for shrinking polymer film in the most confined spaces.
SONORA S1 Hand Tool
Neat and compact: for shrinking, shaping and much more. Universally applicable, ergonomic and quiet the SONORA S1 is perfect for indoor applications such as shrinking, car wrapping, shaping and heating.
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