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Choosing a Welding Procedure

Pendulum Welding (PW) Speed Welding (SW)
A.K.A. Draw Welding
Extrusion Welding (EW)
Slowest welding technique Faster than PW Faster than SW
Best for very confined spaces Allows welding in tight spaces More space needed due to tool size
Best for short seams and repair work Not suitable for PVC-U welding Better seam quality
For plastic as thick as 5-10 mm For plastic as thick as 10 mm For plastic as thick as 40 mm
The welder must ensure the following:
  • even heating of both plastic and welding rod
  • vertical orientation of welding rod
  • sufficient welding force
Advantages over pendulum welding:
  • higher welding speed
  • thicker materials with larger gaps can be welded

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